Layers Of U - Roz

About Me

Welcome and thank you for visiting.  I am Roz Ireland.  

I was born in Strathalbyn, South Australia, and raised by a loving Scottish couple in the suburbs of Adelaide.  I have 2 beautiful adult children who are busy following their own personal journey's.  So not able to resist the calling back to the country, I eventually made my way back and have settled in a small town called Kanmantoo.  

I have a passion for using my gift's, working with energy, to help people heal on all levels.  My Energy Healing work utilises a combination of The Emotion Code®, Kinesiology, Reiki / Intuitive Energy Healing, Crystals, Sound & Aroma therapy. 

Blending the use of these tools in each person's session, is powerful in assisting me with clearing away negative energy, negative attachments, balancing chakras and ultimately improving your body’s natural energy flow and ability to heal itself.  

Having an Energy Healing Session leaves you feeling replenish and re-charged in your Mind, Body and Soul, so you are better equipped to deal with life’s challenges. 

Emotion Code ® Practitioner

Certificate IV Feng Shui

Certificate I Reiki

Diploma Professional Counselling


Oracle Card Reading

Crystal & Sound Therapy


It is in our life experiences that we have the opportunities present themselves for us to learn and grow from, not the end result or destination.

~ Unknown