What Do You Mean Authentic Self? 

Being my authentic self was not always an easy task for me.  No-one spoke about being their "authentic self" as I was growing up.  So later in life when people started talking about this, I asked myself.  Am I being authentic?  Yes of course I am!  I said.  I always do my best to be honest, reliable & trustworthy.  Turns out, this is not what it really means.  

To give you an example;  I was often called "too sensitive" growing up and upon reflection, I saw how it contributed to me behaving & making decisions around pleasing people I wanted in my life, rather than for my own well-being & benefit.  I started apologising for being so sensitive, I started to believe that there was actually something wrong with me & the snowball effect kept rolling on.  

I was not actually being authentic to myself.  Being my authentic self would of meant standing my ground, speaking my truth (whatever that was), fully accepting the sensitive soul that I am, for all the good it brings rather than accepting someone else's perspective or sensitivity threshold as being the truth.  

For in reality, other people's opinions, behaviours etc are just a reflection of where they are at.  It does not make it true.  If what they say or do affects me, then it is an indication that there is work to be done on myself.  This could be in the form of increasing my own self-worth by releasing any old beliefs that prevent me from unapologetically being who I truly am.  

Stay tuned for future blogs on releasing old beliefs, patterns & more  :-)

  • Believe in yourself, including your flaws
  • We are as much individual as we are connected.  
  • We each have our roles to play in this life time.  
  • No-one person is better or worse than the other.  
  • Help each other be the best version of themselves that they can.  

When we do this, magic happens!!

With Love & Light, Roz 

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