Layers Of UU - Emotional Re-Balance

Emotional Re-Balance Session

Set your mind free with a combination of The Emotion Code® & Kinesiology.  Experience communicating with your subconscious mind to identify & release any blocked, re-occurring or trapped emotions.   Discover outmoded patterns & beliefs, exchanging them for one's that better serve your life purpose.

Layers Of U - Energetic Cleansing

Energetic Body Cleansing Session

Experience a variety of techniques which resonate deep with my healing energy that are used in different cultures around the world, to clear, cleanse & unblock energy within your mind & around your body.  Aids the exchange of beliefs into one's that better serve your life purpose. 

Layers Of U - Mix n Match

Mix n Match Session

Why not explore & experience a mixture of methods, whether it be a quick card reading combined with an emotional re-balance.  Maybe just allow the universe to guide & direct us on the day.

Layers Of U - Inner Growth Reading

Inner Growth Oracle Card Reading

Oracle Cards can be a fun way to expand your view on any situation you may encounter.  It can offer clarity in life directions, personal insight along with hope & motivation on your journey in life, at the same time develop your intuition.

Layers Of U - Sacred Space Clearing

Sacred Space Clearing - Home or Work (available local only)

Our environment both reflects & affects our state of mind.  Spring clean the energy in the space you spend a lot of time in, whether that be at work or home.  

We are spiritual beings in a human body having a physical experience, rather than human beings having a spiritual experience
~  Unknown